I see writing like working with clay. I have to sculpt each text body and let the writing be what it wants to be. I edit and edit like scraping excess clay to refine each paragraph. I play with shapes and forms of typography, formatting, and writing genres. I use my memory parallel to how clay has a memory. Wall of Impossibility is reflective of my story. Initially it was my own diary pages that I formulated i_n_t_o_ _a_ _c_o_h_e_s_i_v_e_ _n_a_r_r_a_t_i_v_e_ _s_t_o_r_y called Goodbye Felicia_ _t_o_ _s_h_a_r_e_._ _I_ _d_i_d_n_’t_ _s_t_a_r_t_ _w_r_i_t_i_n_g_ _i_t_ _b_e_c_a_u_s_e_ _I_ _h_a_d_ _t_o_;_ _i_t_ _w_a_s_ _b_e_c_a_u_s_e_

I _wanted to and needed to.