Felicia Nez is a Navajo multi-disciplinary artist with a strong emphasis on writing. Through the honesty of her writing, she processes words into the medium they want to be. She parallels writing with working with clay­­––harvested from her homeland in the southwest.  The clay tells her what it wants to be, and she never plans her pots or sculptures. These two disciplines helped her form her spring 2021 MFA thesis show Transference. This exhibition showcases Nez’s ability to tell her story in her own form of tangible/intangible communication.  Within the layers of her complex narrative, she makes historical references of how Pueblo Potters and other Native Artist coded their pot designs and art to preserve their traditions from colonist. This is her reason for making her entire thesis show coded.  Nez has graduated with her MFA at the University of New Mexico spring of 2021.